Two new and hugely beneficial features coming to Google Maps


New updates to Google Maps are set brings two of the most useful features to be added to Google’s ever popular navigation tool.

Earlier this month, it was revealed that Google Maps will start displaying information on the availability of parking spaces the user’s location, even updating info in real time.

The new feature was discovered by Android Police and found in Google Maps beta version 9.44.

Google Maps Parking Mode

Image: Android Police

The parking information will be displayed when next to a P icon, and will appear when users are searching for driving directions, allowing them to see how busy their destination is before they arrive.

The new feature will allow parking information to be displayed at shopping malls, tourist attractions and airports.

Users will be then given more information on parking the closer they get to their destination.

The new feature will even inform users on any parking restrictions for different vehicles or if parking is only available at certain times of the day.

The new parking feature is believed to be coming to Google Maps imminently, as the search engine giant finalises its beta testing.

Meanwhile, Google has recently announced that users can book and pay for Uber rides using Google Maps, without having to launch their Uber app.

Google and Uber confirmed the new feature in a blog post, adding that users can now sign into their Uber account and book fares straight from Google Maps.

Google added that the new feature is available in the latest version of Google Maps.


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