Type karaoke – get real Thai – new tool from Google will help you learn Thai


Google have introduced a new tool that will help users who prefer to write Thai using English letters.

The tool will translate the “karaoke Thai” from English into correctly spelt Thai.

This will help people who find the large number of letters in the Thai language problematical and also people who have difficulty with the correct spelling.

It may be a boon for those wanting to type text messages quickly and could help you learn Thai or be helpful for foreigners wishing to communicate more effectively and more quickly with Thai friends or colleagues.

Introduced in May it can be accessed through Google Input Tools, which is available on Chrome, Windows and across a range of Google services such as Gmail, YouTube, Google Translate and Google Search.

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Last month, Google announced a major update for Google Translate, introducing the new Tap to Translate feature.

Despite being the world’s most used online translator, Google Translate is notoriously bad at translating Thai to English. However, the new Thai option on Google Input Tools gives users an alternative way of trying to translate Thai when Google Translate just doesn’t cut it.

Long doo na khrap . Naa ja chai dai ngai

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