uBeam to Launch Wireless Chargers


Wireless power may sound like something out of a sci-fi novel, but it’s about to become reality thanks to uBeam. The company has invented a way to send energy 15 feet away using ultrasound. uBeam also invented a charging case that allows you to charge your phone while you’re on the go.

Initial prototypes of uBeam’s technologies were bulky and non-portable. Now, the company has invented a prototype that customers will want – and will use.

uBeam’s transmitter relies on ultrasonic transduction to charge devices wirelessly. The transmitters take power from a building’s electrical system, convert that power into ultrasonic waves, and beam those vibrations out towards a device with an appropriate receiver. The receiver will then convert the ultrasound vibrations back into energy to charge the device. Reportedly, uBeam’s transmitters can charge devices at a rate that’s on par with plugging it into an outlet.

In the future, your phone may be able to charge wirelessly at Starbucks via uBeam transmitters. In fact, Starbucks is very close to striking a deal to join an investor round. uBeam is also in talks with other big-name companies like Starwood hotels, Virgin Air and a few fast food chains to make a deal. The company has also been in talks with hardware manufacturers, including Samsung and Apple.