Uber to improve service by buying Nokia’s Here maps


Uber has achieved enormous success over the past few years, and is now the de facto taxi-hailing service in many cities around the world, despite concerns over the safety and security of passengers, not to mention angering many thousands of incumbent taxi companies.

But as far as users go, they seem pretty happy in general with the service. How could it be improved? The latest rumours in the New York Times are that Uber is set to buy Nokia’s Here maps, which is currently up for sale as the struggling Finnish company seeks to return to some of its former glory.

Uber bids for Nokia’s Here maps

The taxi-hailing startup has apparently put in a $3 billion bid for Here maps, for what is widely regarded as Google Maps’ largest competitor (despite the fact that almost nobody actually uses Here maps).

Nokia has been said to be putting Here up for sale for some time, with a few bidders on the table, such as Yahoo, Samsung and Tencent (a Chinese social media/app/Internet company), in addition to Uber.

Nokia Here Maps Windows Phone

The move does make a lot of sense, with Uber (amongst others) trying to reduce their reliance on Google’s services, which seem more like a competitor every day.

Uber is also reportedly looking at making self-driving, autonomous vehicles (as is Google, Apple, Volvo and many others no doubt), while Google was also said to be looking at providing driverless taxi services.

Whoever ends up purchasing Here maps, it will no doubt add a few much-needed billion dollars to the coffers of Nokia.

SOURCE: The New York Times


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