Uber continues to operate in Thailand


Uber officially states that they have *not* ceased operations in Thailand, according to a public statement released on the company’s official blog.

The revelation was made by way of a story about Korean rapper Ok Taec-yeon, lead rapper of the boy band 2PM. Apparently, he was visiting Thailand on tour and couldn’t get a taxi while he was waiting in front of Central World in Bangkok. That’s a familiar situation for anyone that has been stranded there in the middle of the night.

Uber Bangkok

Korean rapper stranded in Bangkok

The story goes that he was rejected by regular taxis and unfortunately didn’t get to experience the hospitality that Thailand is famous for. Using Uber, he wouldn’t have to worry about such a situation, they claim. It’s rather a strange way to justify the advantage of Uber, but perhaps this is one of those stories that made the Thai headlines (“K-pop megastar stranded outside Central World”, perhaps)?

Uber ban “not true”

Numerous blogs on the Internet and even international news sites have reported in the last week that Uber has ceased operations in Thailand due to a ban, which apparently is untrue.

According to the blog, “Uber continues to operate and innovate in Thailand as it has done in over 250 cities in 53 countries around the world. As our conversations with various government agencies continue, let us make it clear that Uber is deeply committed to providing Thai consumers with access to safe, reliable, and affordable transportation alternatives.”

The company says that they have held “constructive talks” with key agencies in the government including the Department of Land Transportation (DLT).

Uber Taxis

It’s unknown what comes next in the ongoing saga, but it’s clear there is a proven demand for the Uber service, due to its competitive prices and not least the convenience of being able to book taxis using your smartphone.

Uber has come under fire recently in many of the countries in which it operates (such as Thailand and India), but for the time being, it’s putting up a fight to continue to operate.

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