Uber motorbike service a ‘win’ for commuters


Uber Thailand has joined forces with Bangkok’s local motorcycle taxi stands, known as “win”, to launch uberMOTO, an on-demand motorbike service.

Passengers can request a motorbike from the closest win through the Uber app. “Whether it’s a trip from your home to the sky train, the subway or any other form of public transportation, uberMOTO is just a tap away,” the company said in a statement.

Siripa Jungsawat, general manager of Uber Thailand, said the service was a great fit for a vibrant and fast-paced city like Bangkok, where a quick ride is always in demand. Trips will be tracked by GPS, and the “share your trip” function allows people to share the details of their ride with friends and family.

Uber’s two-way feedback system enables both riders and drivers to rate each other. The uberMOTO service is available now in Bangkok’s downtown area including Sathorn, Silom and Asok, but plans are in place to expand it across the city.

Fares are calculated from the beginning of the ride and are based on distance and time to the destination. Rides start at Bt15. The first five kilometers cost Bt5 per kilometre. From the fifth kilometre onwards, the fare is Bt10 per kilometre. An additional Bt1 per minute is added to the total fare. Payment can be made either in cash or by credit card through the app.


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