Uber rival All Thai Taxi service launches in Bangkok


A new taxi service, where passengers can book a taxi via an app on their smartphone has been announced in Bangkok.

All Thai Taxi, which will start trials of the service in April before the official launch on May 1st is operated by Nakhonchai Air, which is currently responsible for operating a number of provincial bus services throughout Thailand.

All Thai Taxi, which is consists of a 500 strong fleet of Toyota Prius sedans will charge 20 baht per trip in addition to the standard taxi rates set out by Thailand’s Ministry of Land Transport.

Much like the popular Uber and GrabTaxi services currently operating in Bangkok, customers will be able to book an All Thai Taxi via an app on their phone or by contacting the call centre on 1624.

Customers will also be able to flag down an All Thai Taxi, just as they can with a regular Bangkok cab, should they see that the taxi is available.

Now at this point you could be forgiven for thinking the last thing Bangkok’s already congested roads need are yet more taxis.

However, what is interesting about All Thai Taxi is that the operators of the service guarantees that its drivers will never reject a passenger, will always use the meter and will never attempt to charge you extra.

They also say that all of its drivers are polite and well mannered and that its vehicles are clean and equipped with the very latest safety equipment which includes a black box style data recorder, speed regulator and even a breathalyser for the driver!

There is also a multimedia screen to keep passengers entertained when they’re stuck in traffic. Passengers are also able to pay the fare by credit or debit card.

The All Thai Taxi service currently employs 1,000 drivers and have female drivers for female passengers on request.

I’m sure at one time or another we’ve all been refused by a taxi in Bangkok and for some of us this happens on a daily basis. Therefore, if All Thai Taxi can live up to its billing, it could potentially be a real game changer for Bangkok taxis.

It is also interesting that All Thai Taxis, seems to have the approval of the authorities in Bangkok, the same of which can’t be said when Uber launched its Uber X taxi service in the capital.

What are your thoughts on All Thai Taxi service?

Do you currently use Uber in Bangkok and if so would you consider using an alternative service that you could book via an app?

As always, let us know in the comments section below.

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Source: Matichon
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  2. Giles Peach on

    I’ll be downloading the app. If it works as they say, this will be a winner.

  3. Having had a Grab Taxi driver phone me to cancel my booking, this could be an excellent service where the booking is guaranteed to be honored.

  4. Luke Hubbard on

    I assume “equipped with the very latest safety equipment” means they will have working seatbelts in the back seats? Does the company have a website or twitter account. #thaitaxiseatbelts

  5. Riniort Huang on

    Already try allthaitaxi.com, it’s their website.

    But the website is still not officially ready for view yet.

  6. Tony McEvoy on

    Competition is great for all. A win-win situation if it lives up to it’s Hype.

  7. Brad Fitzsimmons on

    What is the app called? How can we get the app? Is the app bi-lingual?