Uber say their time performance in Thailand is not good enough yet


Uber who have already run a trial service in Chinag Mai are not satisfied with the time it takes for customers to get a car.

The international benchmark for the firm is 2-3 minutes and this is the target for trips in Thailand. But data so far shows that Thai customers are waiting on average for six minutes.

Uber plan to operate a full service in Chiang Mai soon trying to tap into the two million local residents and 7-9 million visitors to the city each year.

The company also revealed what nationalities use Uber most in Thailand.

In first place by some distance are Thais, followed by Americans in second, British, Singaporeans and Hong Kong Chinese in fifth.

Uber said they have provided 2 billion trips worldwide and claim their service is better for the environment.

Some 67% of their drivers offer work for the company less than 25 hours a week.

They have promised a new application that will make their service better and more convenient than ever.

Thaivisa reported earlier in the week that their Chiang Mai trial had been successful. They had previously only offered rides in Bangkok.

Source: Manager Online


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