Uber to be more transparent with fares, rolls out exact pricing


Uber has come in for some criticism in the recent past but it appears that they are doing all they can to inform customers of the cost of their ride upfront.

During busy periods, Uber customers are told they will be charged a ‘surge price’ that can sometimes be as much as double the standard fare.

In Bangkok for example, Uber was criticised for instantly increasing prices when the BTS networked suffered a massive outage and many thousands of commuters were left stranded.

Users complained that Uber was trying to cash in when demand was at its highest.

The “uberPOOL” service, the company’s car-pool service had previously offered upfront pricing but this is now being extended to the UberX feature, its taxicab-like offering so that it will be available to more users.

A blog post from Uber explained the move: “Knowing how much a ride will cost in advance is clearly something riders appreciate: today uberPOOL accounts for over 20% of all rides globally, and we now want more riders globally to benefit from this feature.”

It is worth noting that the car sharing service – UberPOOL, in which riders share the car with others is also cheaper than UberX.

This change may make it harder for Uber riders to tell if surge pricing is in operation. The screen will no show a multiplier but instead users will be notified via a message under the fare.

It remains to be seen how users will react to the changes and if it will generate some more positive headlines for the company.

Uber has said that it has already started rolling out the change in India and the United States but gave no time scale on implementing the change worldwide.


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