UK calls for compulsory registration of drones


The House of Lords EU Committee has called for all commercial and civilian drones in the UK to be registered, on the grounds that it would help the government to track drone activity and address concerns with regards to public safety and national security.

The report published by the EU Committee highlights the increased use of drones by members of the public who have little understanding of aviation rules.

As part of the compulsory registration of drones in the UK, the details of drones and pilots would be added to an online database, which both members of the public and the authorities could access via a mobile app in order to help identify potential law breakers.

The report also supported recent proposals from the European Union regarding legislation on the use of drones. However, it also advised for flexibility on a national level due to the risk of harming the drone industry, which it claims could help create an extra 150,000 jobs throughout Europe by 2050.

The authors of the report went onto to make several key recommendations, which include creating clearer guidelines for police on how the rules for flying drones should be enforced. Other recommendations included the use of geo fencing, which can prevent a drone from flying in certain locations, such as near airports, military facilities or prisons, based on its GPS coordinates.

Committee chair Baroness O’Cathain said that whilst Europe could potentially become the world leader in drone technology, it would potentially take just one serious incident to set the industry back.

The recommendation for compulsory registration of drones in the UK and Europe follows on from and even tougher stance by the authorities here in Thailand, who have proposed an outright ban on all all unlicensed drones and threatened drone pilots with possible jail terms should they break the law.

Source: Telegraph


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