UK government publishes its hacking guidelines


We love a good hacking story here at Thai Tech, but did you know that many countries actually have hacking policies and guidelines in place as a security strategy?


British government publishes hacking guidelines document

The British government has never publicly admitted much about its use of hacking. Even GCHQ was under fire recently for illegal spying on its own citizens, and it always claims that whatever it does is completely legal and necessary (even if everyone knows that it isn’t).

However, the UK government have been rather more honest and upfront about this one – the UK Home Office has just published its latest guidelines that law enforcement and spied must follow when they use “equipment interference” (i.e. hacking tools) to crack computers and mobile phones. The document mainly deals with issues like the proportional use of hacks, data retention and warrants, but it seems to be an open admission that these type of security intrusions even take place at all.

British Government GCHQ

The UK’s intelligence agency, GCHQ.

It also mentions that the UK intercepts and bugs any gadgets that it feels the need to spy on, pretty much the same as the NSA in America. The UK minister James Brokenshire claims the government is being “as open as it can be” about its various security policies just by publishing the documents.

The publication of the document is surprising, but perhaps it’s a defensive move in order to avoid problems and issues down the line. The Home Office does say that the publication “does not confer new powers”, however it is attempting to justify those powers. It is apparently vital that these sorts of permissions are in force so that the country can stop terrorism and other cyber threats. The government wants to make their hacking activities look more favourable in terms of national security, rather than leaving it all to the whistleblowers to reveal.

SOURCE: UK Government website

What do you think of the UK Home Office’s decision to publish its hacking strategy documents? Is it necessary for the security of the people? Let us know in the comments below.


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