Umoove Launches Eye Tracking App that Improves Focus and Attention


Umoove, a leading company in eye tracking technology, announced the release of its new app uHealth on February 4. The app is the company’s first consumer health application and the first of its kind. uHealth uses Umoove’s eye tracking technology to deliver eye exercises that help boost the user’s focus and attention.

The game-like exercises challenge the user to be more attentive and focused by requiring them to continuously follow commands, stay focused and avoid distractions. Over time, the app helps the user build up these skills.

Umoove, which was founded in 2010, developed software that can track eye and facial movements on mobile devices. The company released their “Umoove Experience” game last year to demonstrate their face-tracking technology. After just a few days, the game had over 100,000 downloads. uHealth is the company’s first application to use eye-tracking technology.

The application is geared towards users who struggle to stay focused and pay attention. According to Umoove’s VP Healthcare, Dr. Herman Weiss, the inability to stay focused is something that half the population struggles with. Evidence suggests that the app’s exercises are effective as a therapeutic intervention. uHealth will make these exercises available to anyone who struggles with attention and focus.

The app’s exercise takes just two minutes to complete, and Umoove recommends that users complete the exercise on a daily basis. Users can track their progress through the app’s dashboard. After a few weeks of training, users should see an improved difference in their ability to stay attentive, concentrate and remain focused on tasks.

Umoove’s CEO, Yitzi Kempinski, says this is only the beginning of the uHealth application. The company hopes to develop more apps that use the company’s tracking technology to track and diagnose brain activity. Additionally, new apps may be developed to help deliver eye based therapies to users.

The uHealth app is free to download on any iOS device right now.


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