Update rolled out to WhatsApp on Android. Here’s what’s new


A new update to WhatsApp on Android means conversations are now more visually appealing and makes it easier than ever to add formatting to text.

The text formatting function which has allowed users to emphasise certain words but it has been slightly complicated – for example needing to put asterisks around words to make them bold.

The entire process has now become a lot easier as users can now highlight text by tapping and holding.

Image: Android Police

The user should then select the More Options key and a menu will offer different formatting options. This is only a simple update but it certainly improves the functionality of the app.

According to Android Police, this is not the only update with an emoji search option also added. The app now suggests an emoji such as a smiling or laughing face that can be added to your conversation to bring it to life.

Emojis aren’t for everyone but it is hoped that the latest update could encourage more people to embrace the images.

Of course, there are those who like to add emojis to all their messages and this feature may just make it easier for these users to choose the right emoji making chats more varied.

The primary use of WhatsApp is for sending messages but the launch of Status and a selection of filters it has been brought it more into line with other platforms such as Instagram and SnapChat.


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