Updated Xbox One and Playstation 4 to support Ultra-HD video


The Xbox One and Playstation 4 may be in for a product refresh by the year end, adding support for Ultra-HD (sometimes called “4K”) video.


Ultra HD versions of the Xbox One and PS4 due in 2015

The inevitable refresh of the Xbox One and Playstation 4 could be happening in the very near future – possibly around the time of their second anniversaries in November this year. Now the chances of that happening are starting to look quite good, as a Netflix executive (John Hunt) has claimed that Sony to add 4K support to the PS4, according to an article in The Huffington Post.

Perhaps Hunt did not intend to reveal the leak, however since then Netflix has contacted Forbes and said that the company can’t speak about Sony’s up-and-coming plans. It was also stated that Hunt believes that when the two games consoles are updated, they will add support for ultra-high resolution video playback. That will be a boon for anyone that uses their Xbox or PS4 to watch movies, because the new TV standard delivers much sharper and higher quality images than HDTV does (it has around 4 times the amount of pixels).


The current generation Xbox One only supports HDMI version 1.4, which is the connectivity standard (and cables) required to connect to a video display such as a television or monitor. However, HDMI 1.4 does not support 4K resolution to the full specification, which is somewhat of a limitation considering Microsoft has been marketing the popular games console as the definitive entertainment hub.

Netflix Ultra-HDAnd even though Sony announced its own 4K video service for the Playstation 4 as far back as 2013, it doesn’t yet support the new video and TV standard either. That’s a shame, as it would be an excellent device for watching super high-res movies and TV.

It’s not clear whether rumoured 4K support will also enable the consoles to play games in 4K – that’s very much in doubt as it would mean a significant bump in processing power would be needed. Rather, they may be limited to just playing 4K movies, which is still a welcome improvement.

Netflix is one of the few companies to offer 4K/Ultra-HD video streaming of movies over the Internet, so it would be in their interests to push for support. It wouldn’t be a surprise if the two consoles were updated before the end of the year – maybe the Xbox can also be slimmed down a bit at the same time?

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SOURCE: The Huffington Post


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