Upgrade to the latest version of Windows 10 or else, Microsoft warns


If you are one of the few people who installed Windows 10 but managed to avoid installing the Windows 10 Anniversary update, then you are at risk of being hacked, Microsoft has warned.

The tech giant has now confirmed it is to end support for the original version of Windows 10 in May.

This means that if you haven’t kept your software updated, you could be experience some unwanted security issues.

As a reminder, the Windows 10 Anniversary Update was launched last August and was the first major update to the original version of Windows that launched a year earlier.

Microsoft confirmed it will be ending support for the original version of Windows 10 in May in a post on its TechNet blog.

This means that if you do not update your version of Windows 10 before June, you won’t receive any more security updates and could be leaving yourself vulnerable to security issues and hacks.

Microsoft says it is ending support due to its policy of only supporting the two most recent Windows 10 releases, which will mean the Anniversary Update and the other recently patched Windows 10 versions.

While Microsoft initially said that only support for current branch for business (CBB) versions of Windows 10 will affected, Nathan Mercer from Microsoft later posted a comment which read: “after May 2017 CB/CBB v1507 will receive no more updates.”

“CB” referring to Current Branch (or consumer versions).

The Windows 10 Anniversary update can be downloaded as a free upgrade here.


Microsoft is actually working on the next major update to Windows 10 – dubbed the Creators Update, which is rumoured to be released in April.

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