US army ditches Android for “faster” and “smoother” iPhones


The US army is planning to stop using Android phones, replacing them with iPhones.

According to reports, the US army’s decision to provide military personnel with the iPhone 6s came after the Special Operations Command found that the handsets in its ‘Android Tactical Assault Kit’ were glitchy, slow and could be prone to freezing.

The Tactical Assault Kits are Android phones which are specially modified for use by the US army. The phones are able to connect to the Harris radio network and capable of running specially designed military apps.

The Special Operations Command found that the Android phones were inferior to the iPhone 6S when it came to running the custom made military apps, specifically one used to live stream video footage from a drone. quotes an unnamed source who said that “Android freezes up” when providing the video feed from a drone. The army also found that the phones didn’t refresh quickly enough and often needed to be restarted in order to work properly.

By comparing the Android phone with the iPhone, the unnamed source went on to describe the iPhone 6s as “faster” and “smoother”, adding “it’s seamless on the iPhone”.

While it is not exactly clear which Android phones the Special Command Forces had been using, other divisions of the military are known to use Samsung Galaxy Note, which is able to connect to a radio network.

Some of the custom made apps the military uses includes one that provides soldiers with information such as the curve of the earth and wind speed in order to help them take an accurate shot.

Another app enables them to pinpoint where other members of their troop are at any given moment.



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