Users report major problems with Windows 10 Fall Creators Update


Some users have reported major problems after downloading the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update prematurely.

Officially unveiled last week, Microsoft is gradually rolling out the Fall Creators Update, with users of newer computers likely to receive the update first.

When the update is ready for their device, users will receive a notification from Microsoft informing them the update can be downloaded.

For users who aren’t prepared to wait for the update to pushed to their device, it can be downloaded immediately from Microsoft’s Software Download site.

But this generally isn’t recommended for most users. Microsoft advises users to wait until the update is ready for their device and that only ‘advanced users’ download the update manually and ahead of the official rollout schedule.

According to, some users who have downloaded the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update early have started to experience problems.

Users have reported that some apps have suddenly disappeared from the Start menu after installing the new update.

They say that while the software remains installed on the device, the icon for the app can not be located either on the Start menu or on the list of installed apps. Cortana is also unable to locate the app.

The problem affects a variety of different apps including Calculator, Movies & TV and Groove Music, as well as the Microsoft Store app.

A thread on Microsoft’s Community Pages contains multiple reports from users experiencing the same problems. Microsoft has confirmed it is investigating the issue.

The news comes as users of the popular Razer gaming laptops have also experienced problems after installing Fall Creators Update.

Users posting on the Razer forum have claimed their laptops did not recognise peripherals after installing the new update, The Inquirer reported.

Others reported that the keyboard and trackpad stopped working.

Razer and Microsoft have confirmed they are aware of the issue and are working on a fix.


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