Users warned about downloading Super Mario Run on Android


Since its release on iOS last week, Super Mario Run is the new must have game.

The Nintendo classic has proved hugely popular and was downloaded more than 3 million times within 24 hours of its release. It has since gone on to smash all previous download records.

While iPhone and iPad users can download and play the game, there is still no official word yet on when it will be officially released on Android.

However, that hasn’t stopped scores of copycat apps and APK files being made available online.

An APK file is kind of like a .exe file on Windows, and allows Android users install an app direct to their device instead of downloading it from the Google Play Store.

Super Mario Run APK

But because Super Mario Run does not yet exist on Android, all of these apps and APK files are fake.

Users are tricked into believing the APK file will enable them to play Super Mario Run on Android before it’s official release.

Created by dodgy websites and cyber criminals, the fake APK files nearly always contain malware.

A similar ploy was used by cyber criminals ahead of the release of Pokemon Go.

Experts from online security firm Axran have warned users against downloading Super Mario Run APK files.

“As Nintendo’s second foray into mobile gaming with one of their lead franchises, Super Mario Run is immediately going to be a prime target for attackers trying to exploit its code – especially with the number of users which will be downloading this game.

“Just as with the previous smash hit Pokémon Go, we anticipate the appearance of corrupted fake apps used to spread malware.”

It is always a huge risk to download apps or APK files from anywhere other than the Google Play Store.

Apps found on third party sites can often include malware or ransomware and your device and data could be compromised if you download them.

Of course some users are prepared to take that risk in order to avoid paying or to get hold of a particular app ahead of its official release.

Super Mario Run has already proved incredibly popular with users on iOS, where is expected to hit 500 million downloads.

As for when the game will be available on Android, no official release date has been confirmed.

During a recent interview, the head of Nintendo America said: “it is coming to Android, we’ve made that commitment and something that will happen in 2017.”

Via: Venture Beat


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