Using a wireless keyboard? Your passwords can be easily hacked, say researchers


A cyber security company have recently found that wireless keyboards from eight major manufacturers such as HP, Toshiba and Insignia can be easily hacked by someone with just basic knowledge of hacking and cheap equipment meaning that anything typed on wireless keyboards can be intercepted – including passwords.

Equipment known as Keysniffer, could let hackers eavesdrop on every letter that you type because it is capable of intercepting radio signals between the keyboard and the USB receiver
Ivan O’Sullivan, chief research officer at Bastille Network said “We went into a bunch of big box stores and purchased wireless keyboards.

“We were shocked to find that two-thirds transmitted all of their data in clear text, no encryption. We did not expect to see this. We didn’t think it would be in clear text. Hackers can intercept all the keystrokes from your keyboard up to 250 feet away. Through glass, walls, floors.”

Unfortunately, it appears that the problem is not easily fixed.

It seems that the only option is to use a Bluetooth keyboard instead or alternatively go back to using a traditional wired keyboard.

If you are still determined to use a wireless keyboard or any other wireless device then you need to make sure that it has sufficient security features to protect data from being intercepted.


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