Using Facebook makes you really unhappy, new study finds


If you suffer from envy, then Facebook may not be for you a new study has found.

“Facebook envy” has been found to cause depression and users who took a week-long break from the site were found to be more satisfied with their life.

The study was conducted by the University of Copenhagen and involved 1,095 people, half were asked to continue with their normal Facebook activity whilst the remainder were asked to abstain.

“Millions of hours are spent on Facebook each day,” wrote report author Morten Tromholt.

“We are surely better connected now than ever before, but is this new connectedness doing any good to our well-being?

“According to the present study, the answer is ‘no’. In fact, the predominant uses of Facebook – that is, as a means to communicate and gain information about others, as habitual pastime – are affecting our well-being negatively on several dimensions.”

For the research, the sample group comprised of 86% female, with around 350 Facebook-friends and an average age of 34.

The group were asked to take a 15-minute pre-test to which determined which treatment group they were allotted to.

888 participants completed the experiment with 13% failing to abstain for the full week with the reason being given for the “non-compliers” as “an emergency” or a “habitual habit”.

The conclusion found that the Facebook users rate their life satisfaction 7.74 out of 10 whereas those who managed to abstain rated it at 8.11.

The study also found that those in the 19 to 32 age group were more likely to become depressed the more time they spent on social media.

Basically, if you are a heavy Facebook user, you should you use the site less to promote your wellbeing.


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