Using Google Image Search may be about to cost you money


Google is introducing a new feature that it says will help users discover new products that they may want to buy.

People using Google Image Search will be able to search within its own photos results for “Similar Items”.

That means that if you select an image a list of items will appear for you to browse and buy. So, if you bring up an image of a model for example, it would bring up a range of items such as sunglasses, handbags and shoes.

Google says that the new feature was inspired by searches by users.


Google says that companies who want their products to feature in the listings need to sign up to its initiative.

Google has updated and boosted several services and apps in recent months such as adding real time location tracking to Google Maps.

Users who have enabled the feature will be able to share their exact location with friends and family meaning they can see where you at any given time, which Google says will be help meeting up for social gatherings much easier and convenient.

H/T: The Verge


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