VAIOs New Laptop Transforms Into a Tablet


It’s been over a year since Sony abandoned VAIO, but the brand is still alive and well. After being sold to Japan Industrial Partners, an investment fund, VAIO is back in business and ready to launch two new PCs. The brand announced the VAIO Z Canvas and VAIO Z in Tokyo today. The two product launches will be the first for the brand after parting ways with Sony.

The VAIO Z will be the brand’s flagship PC, a $1,600 ultrabook. The Z features a hinged back that allows you to transform the laptop into a tablet. The Z Canvas is a smaller, cheaper and lighter option than the Z and features a detachable keyboard.

There are two versions of the VAIO Z, but each has a 13.3” display, aluminum carbon body and an SSD that can boot from standby in just 0.3 seconds. One variant of the Z will have an i7 processor, while the other will have an i5.

The VAIO Z’s hinged back will allow you to turn the laptop’s display to show others what you’re working on, or close the laptop and transform it into a tablet.

VAIO calls their flagship PC a “monster,” but claims it will still be power-efficient. VAIO Z comes with a heavy price tag, but boasts an impressive 15.5 hour battery life. That’s the longest ever for a VAIO laptop.

The Z Canvas will come with an i7 processor, 16GB of memory, 256GB SSD and a 12.3” display. While the Z Canvas doesn’t have a hinged back, it does feature a detachable keyboard. The detachable keyboard allows you to also use the laptop like a tablet. This version will be out later than the flagship VAIO Z, which is available for pre-order today in Japan. The Z Canvas will be available in May.


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  1. Should have probably mentioned Lenovo who pretty much pioneered this category with the Yoga series. And what’s with the Omega watch there?