Ventoura Introduces Peer-to-Peer Travel App


Traveling and wish you had a buddy to meet up with at the bar? Ventoura offers a peer-to-peer solution to hook you up with other travelers. The app will connect people that are headed to the same location, so they can meet up.

Ventoura is not only about a night out drinking or going to the movies. The app also offers guidebook tours that travelers can use to explore. Ventoura will allow anyone to offer tour services with payment done right through the app. The company will take a portion of the proceeds as a commission. Now, travelers will be able to see lesser-known areas of the city that only locals know.

The company is not alone in the niche. A lot of other apps have tried to enter the market with similar functionality. Ventoura’s co-founder, Raymond Siems, states that there is a large hole in the travel market. The app is an attempt to bridge the gap so that travelers can meet new people and also have a way to see the inner-most parts of a city with a local tour guide.

Ventoura has received $250,000 in funding and plans to release their app to the public by the end of the week.



  1. I guess I’m just the wrong generation. Why do you need an app to find a stranger to meet at a bar? Just go to the bar; the strangers are already there.