[Video] This is awesome: Google co-founder tests autonomous flying taxis in New Zealand


Google co-founder Larry Page has been given approval by the New Zealand government to test autonomous flying taxis.

On Tuesday, regulators in New Zealand approved plans to develop and test the futuristic mode of transport.

Zephyr Airworks, the parent company of Page’s Silicon Valley startup called Kitty Hawk, said it is building and testing “all-electric vertical take-off and landing products” in New Zealand.

The company has now released footage of one of the vehicles mid flight, billing it as a cross between the hovercar seen The Jetsons and the Delorean from the Back to the Future movies.

Supporters of the project say the autonomous flying taxi, dubbed Cora, will revolutionise personal transport.

In a statement the company said Cora can “take off like a helicopter and transition to flying like a plane.”

Cora is completely self piloting and can reach speeds of 150 km/h and has a range of 100 kilometres.

It also has a safety feature whereby it automatically deploys a parachute should anything go wrong.

“We are offering a pollution free, emissions free vehicle that flies independently,” said
Zephyr chief executive Fred Reid in a video posted on its website.

A number of other companies including Uber and Airbus are in the race to develop flying taxis.

Uber’s CEO said recently that commercial flying taxis could be in operation within the next five to ten years.


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