Video captures the moment a Galaxy Note 7 catches fire in a Burger King restaurant


A video captures the moment a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 catches fire in a South Korean Burger King restaurant.

In the video smoke can be seen coming from the device that has been left on a table alongside food wrappers in the city of Inchon.

Wearing protective gloves, a worker approaches the phone and attempts to pick up the extremely hot device.

It has been announced that worldwide sales of the Galaxy Note 7 have been halted and those who own the device are being urged to stop using them with immediate effect whilst Samsung try to get to the bottom of the problem.

Sales in the US and Australia were suspended on Monday for both sales and exchanges and airlines have once again repeated their bans on using the devices on aircraft.

This follows on from a passenger jet being evacuated in the US last week after a replacement device was found to be giving off smoke.

On Tuesday, Samsung announced it had halted all production of the Note 7.

In a statement, the company says it has made a “final decision” to stop making its star product.


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