Video captures the moment Tesla’s ‘instant acceleration’ kicks in to avoid collision


The award-winning Tesla Model S is regarded as one of the safest cars on the road and perhaps a recent video showing the Model S P85D accelerating sharply to avoid a rear end collision emphasises this.

The video was posted by Jason Hughes, who is probably best known for being the hacker that leaked Tesla’s plans for a P100D, and showed images from a dashcam whereby a Prius driver was distracted and nearly crashed into the Model S P85D.

Hughes reacted quickly and opened full throttle meaning that the Tesla managed to get out of harm’s way. The most impressive thing is that this all happened with 2 seconds and from a standing start.

Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S

“It looked like the Prius driver might have attempted to pass me in a panic before realizing there was traffic coming (which I was waiting on to make my left)”, Hughes told popular Tesla site, Teslarati.

“You can mentally mark my position and the position of the Prius as it attempted to stop and it’s pretty clear he would have hit me if I hadn’t moved.”

You Tube viewers have certainly been impressed by the instant acceleration in the past with countless videos of the Tesla out accelerating unsuspecting bikes and Lamborghini’s.

These have all had millions of views but it might be worth noting that the next time you are impressed with the slick moves, contemplating that this acceleration may also be used as a life saver.

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