VIDEO: Ford’s new smart window can help blind people see


The Ford Motor Company has unveiled a new idea to assist the visually impaired to see the view outside of the car.

The new prototype technology named ‘Feel the View’ allows blind passengers the chance to ‘feel’ what they can’t see happening outside the vehicles window.

The car automotive giant posted a video earlier this week showcasing the technology.

How it works is a camera attached to the window captures images of the outside world, those images are then reproduced in grey scale rendering displayed inside the glass of the window via special LED lights.

Upon touching the glass the different shades of gray vibrate at up to 255 different frequencies. Just by the sense of touch a visually impaired person can recreate the view outside in their mind.

The system uses image recognition that speaks aloud through built in speakers saying what is outside the vehicle, for example it will tell passengers when they’re passing an open field, forest or a mountain.

Ford has been working on the technology with Aedo who specialise in technology for the visually impaired.

“We seek to make people’s lives better and this was a fantastic opportunity to help blind passengers experience a great aspect of driving. The technology is advanced, but the concept is simple – and could turn mundane journeys into truly memorable ones,” said Ford Italy spokesman Marco Alù Saffi.


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