Video of high powered laser cleaning rust off old metal is strangely satisfying


It might look like camera tricky or CGI but this incredible footage of a high power laser cleaning rust off metal in just a matter of seconds is genuine.

The handheld P-Laser is a new and groundbreaking technique which can be used to zap rust.

The short pulsed beam fires its laser at a rate of 200,000 pulses per second.

The laser works by heating up the rust, creating a plasma around the affected area, while the metal itself stays cold.

The P-Laser is the creation of a Belgium company by the same name and can also be used to remove heavy paint or grease on a wide variety of different services.

Speaking to Digital Trends, Thijs Peeters, an R&D engineer for P-Laser, said: “Think of it a bit like a very powerful version of the kind of scanner you see in your local food store to scan barcodes.”

“We are able to tune the lasers by shaping the pulse to either make it sharp or flat,” Peeters added.

“Those tuning possibilities mean the laser can be made nonaggressive when you’ve tuned it to the flatter shape, or more aggressive and focused if you want the sharper beam.”


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