REVEALED: This is the reason why most planes are painted white


This is probably something you have never thought about, but there are actually a couple of very good reasons why most commercial planes are painted white.

Regardless of which airline you are flying with, it’s the colourful logo and writing on the side and tail of the plane that stand out but the majority of the plane will be painted white.

Of course there are a few exceptions but by and large, this is true for most commercial aircraft.

According to an aviation expert, the main reasons are to do with being able to reflect sunlight and reduce the potential damage from solar radiation.

“The main reason why aircraft are painted white or light colours is to reflect sunlight and minimise both the heating and any potential damage from solar radiation.

“It’s basically the same as putting sunblock on”, MIT Aeronautics and Astronautics professor R. John Hansman told Tech Insider.

Also, a cooler plane means means cheaper cooling costs for airlines, which helps them to save money on maintenance fees.

Prof Hansman also says that while there is nothing wrong in painting an aircraft in a different colour, the paint overtime will oxidise.

For example, if a plane is painted red, it will “whiten up a little bit” after being exposed to the sun and other environmental conditions.

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