Video reveals how crooks install skimmers on ATMs in Thailand


Watching this video could prevent you from becoming a victim of ATM fraud.

A video posted online shows why it proves to be vigilant when using an ATM.

The video reveals how fraudsters install “skimmers” on ATMs in Thailand in order to steal your debit and credit card information, and even record your PIN as you type.

To the untrained eye, an ATM skimmer can be very difficult to spot and is part of the reason why some people fall victim.

The video, thought to be recorded last year, shows how fraudsters hide a tiny camera inside a panel located above the keypad which records you entering your PIN.

The skimmer which is almost impossible to spot, is then placed over the card reader and records information from your card.

When you enter your card into the card reader you are unwittingly handing over all the information stored on the magnetic strip of the card to the fraudsters.

However, in order to gain full access to your account, the crooks also need your PIN which is why the camera, sometimes no bigger than a pinhead, is hidden on the ATM to record as you type on the keypad.

Sometimes, a fake keyboard is also installed on the ATM to work in lieu of the camera. The keyboard fits exactly over the legitimate keypad but records all keystrokes entered by the unsuspecting user.

How to avoid being scammed by ATM skimmers in Thailand

When using an ATM cover the keypad with your other hand as you enter your PIN. This isn’t to stop anyone who may be stood behind you from seeing your PIN, but rather to safeguard against a camera recording as you type on the keypad.

Physically check the keypad, card reader and the panel located above the screen, as shown in the video below. If they are loose, unstable or can be removed then don’t use the ATM and alert the police.

If you notice anything unusual about an ATM or think it may have been tampered with in some way then don’t use it.


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