Video shows what happens to your PC if it’s infected with Wanna Crypt malware


Unless you have been living under a rock since Friday, you will almost certainly have heard about the Wanna Crypt ransomware that is plaguing computers around the world.

Once Wanna Crypt has infected your computer it encrypts all of your files and demands a ransom in order to hand them over. If you don’t pay the ransom you can kiss goodbye to ever seeing your files again.

As long as you are running up to date versions of Windows, preferably Windows 10, and you don’t click on any dubious links or email attachments that suddenly appear in your inbox then chances are you can quite easily avoid becoming a victim.

However, while the ransomware is relatively easy to avoid, it hasn’t stopped more than 200,000 computers in 150 countries around the world being infected.

But what actually happens when you computer is taken over by Wanna Crypt?

A WannaCry

A screenshot shows a WannaCry ransomware demand, provided by cyber security firm Symantec, in Mountain View, California, U.S. May 15, 2017. Courtesy of Symantec/Handout via REUTERS

A security researcher posting from the Twitter account danooct1 has shared a video showing Wanna Crypt in action.

The video shows the ransomware taking over the computer just moments after an infected file is installed onto the hard drive.

“Oops, your important files have been encrypted,” reads a message which appears on screen.

An FAQ and information about what has happened to your files is also displayed, instructing victims on they can make payment using Bitcoin.

Judging from the video, Wanna Crypt is actually no different from any other form of ransomware in the way that it operates. What is different however is the sheer number of computers infected and the scale of the cyber attack – which Europol has described as “unprecedented”.


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