Video: This smartwatch turns your arm into a touchscreen


This new prototype smartwatch can turn your arm into a working touchscreen.

The LumiWatch has been created by researchers at Carnegie-Mellon University and has a built in laser projector and sensors that projects a 40 square centimetre display onto the wearers arm to make a fully interactive surface.

The LumiWatch contains a Qualcomm 1.2Ghz processor with 768MB of RAM and 4GB of internal storage. It runs Android 5.1 and includes a 740 mAh battery which researchers say can last full day.


Image: LumiWatch

“Compact, worn computers with projected, on-skin touch interfaces have been a long-standing yet elusive goal, largely written off as science fiction,” researcher Robert Xiao wrote in a post.

“Such devices offer the potential to mitigate the significant human input/output bottleneck inherent in worn devices with small screens.

“In this work, we present the first, fully-functional and self-contained projection smartwatch implementation, containing the requisite compute, power, projection and touch-sensing capabilities.”

A video posted on YouTube showed the LumiWatch in action, demonstrating its displays, which is five times larger than the average smartwatch, as well as opening apps and even editing photographs.

If the LumiWatch goes on sale it is expected to retail for around $600.


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