Video: Tesla Model X absolutely annihilates Lamborghini in drag race


A new video shows two “top-shelf” Tesla cars annihilate a Lamborghini Aventador in a drag race.

The Tesla Model X and Model S, both P100D models with Ludicrous mode, thrashed the Lamborghini in the quarter mile drag race at the Palm Beach International Raceway.

In the video, the Model X set a record time for a sports utility vehicle. This is said to be because electric vehicles have instant torque which enables them to accelerate quicker than conventional vehicles.

The Tesla models are exceptionally quick, especially when drivers enable Ludicrous mode and this allows the vehicles to accelerate from 0-60mph in less than 3 seconds – impressive by anyone’s standards.

However, while there are still plenty of combustion engines that can outperform the Tesla at high speeds – it is the acceleration that is impressive.

For reference, the Tesla costs $165,000 (THB5.5 million), compared with $530,000 (THB17.5 million) for the Aventador, Drag Times said.


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