Video: Watch this electric hypercar do 0-60 in less than 2 seconds


A new electric hypercar has been developed that could be a challenge to the mighty Tesla and take their crown.

The Aspark Owl is a magnificent beast, footage below shows the Hypercar racing from 0-60 is less than two seconds.

As you can see the car is a close cousin of the Batmobile with its sleek and slender looks and the Aspark will soon be spotted on the city streets.

This test run was to showcase the electric power of the car, a special mention must be made to the driver who stopped the car before running out of the road and hitting the mountainside, showing some real guts!

During the test runs the Hypercar recorded the fastest time of 1.921 seconds which rivals the Tesla Roadster as this did a similar time back in 2017. If the crown went on looks alone the Aspark would win hands down with its Gotham-like design.

The video shows the Aspark running on slick race tires, however, the company is confident they can improve and develop the car further so the same time of 1.9 seconds can be achieved on street tires.

The car isn’t cheap, coming in at a whopping $4.4 Million when it eventually goes into full production.

It is reported by Jalopnik that only 50 Aspark Owls will be built making it instantly an exclusive.

As the technology of electric powered cars is developing at an exponential rate we are are lucky enough to witness a new era in Hypercars.


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