WATCH: Terrifying moment a power bank catches fire in airplane’s overhead bin


A China Southern Airlines flight from Guangzhou to Shanghai was delayed by three hours after power bank ignited and started a fire in one of the overhead luggage compartments.

Passengers had to be removed from the plane while the fire was dealt with.

Flight CZ-3539 had begun boarding when a passenger spotted another passengers bag on fire with smoke coming from the overhead bin, stated China Southern Airlines to the microblogging site Weibo. The airline further commented, fire and security departments helped to extinguish the fire and no further damage to the aeroplane was caused.

The unfortunate passenger who owned the bag in question assisted the police in their investigations and it was found the power bank was not in use when the fire began.

A replacement aircraft was soon deployed and passengers and their luggage were soon transferred with the flight leaving Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport at 2.53pm China Time nearly three hours after the actual departure time, according to data received from FlightAware the live flight tracking site.

A video has been posted on social media that shows the incident with a passenger and a flight attendant using water and juice to try and extinguish the fire.

Laptops, power banks, e-scooters and personal mobility devices all contain Lithium-ion batteries and are a potential fire risk, resulting in them being banned as cargo on a passenger aircraft by the International Civil Aviation Organization. However, they are usually permitted in carry-on luggage.


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