Vine Introduces New Kid-Friendly App


Social media apps aren’t usually geared towards kids. But Vine, the social media platform that allows users to upload short 6-second videos, has announced a kid-friendly app called Vine Kids.

Vine Kids is a standalone application that is not directly linked to the adult-centric Vine App, which boasts over 40 million users. Vine Kids is an approach to filter out all inappropriate posts so that younger users will not be subjected to adult material.

No inappropriate language, nudity or material that is not kid-friendly will be allowed.

Strictly family-friendly, the app works much like the traditional Vine app. Users will swipe their phone left and right to scroll through content. If a user finds a piece of content they like, they can tap on the video and sound effects will be heard.

Currently, the application uses animations featuring cartoon characters to hold the videos that kids watch.

Fun and exciting, the Twitter-owned company hopes to expand its user base to an often-neglected kid audience. The concept came from a company meeting when an employee stated that their 2-year old loves Vine, and that there should be a counterpart for kids.

The app was quickly put together by the team during Hack Week, a time when staff can work on projects outside of their day-to-day work.

Vine Kids is currently only available for the iOS. No news has been released on an Android-friendly app being offered. The app is suggested for kids 5 years of age or under.

Kids will be able to find fun videos, such as cats and dogs, squirrels, hedgehogs and even Elmo, currently uploaded to the platform. No word has been released on how videos are selected.

Twitter (NYSE: TWTR), the parent company of Vine, released video sharing on their Twitter platform last week. The company’s platform will feature 30-second videos, allowing for breaking news or fun user videos to be shared on the Twitter platform.