Virgin Atlantic staff are trialling Sony’s smart glasses and watch


Virgin Atlantic has just announced its latest trial of new technology. Last year, the company conducted a six-week trial using Google Glass for Upper Class customers, and it recently announced that it will expand that program. Virgin also tried out Apple’s iBeacon proximity/location technology, and now it’s set to trial Sony smart devices.

Sony smart glasses and watch used by engineers

Beginning next week, engineers working on Virgin Atlantic aircraft at Heathrow in London will be taking part in an eight-week trial of Sony’s SmartEyeglass Developer Edition and SmartWatch 3, in addition to a variety of tablets and smartphones from the company.

Virgin says that using the smart glasses should remove the need for paper for some engineering processes and reduce the number of journeys engineers need to make between aircraft and technical control.

Sony SmartEyeGlass SmallDuring the trial itself, Virgin staff will also receive notifications about jobs and changes to specific tasks they’re working on, via the SmartWatch 3. They will also use SmartEyeGlass to take photos and videos, which will then be sent to an app on their smartphones.

It’s also claimed that live video from the smart glasses will be streamed to engineering staff in a back office, so that they can provide technical assistance more quickly.

It sounds like a great way to use and deploy smart devices in the work environment. There are a handful of other companies doing a similar thing – for example, Vuzik has been giving engineers smart glasses for a while now.

It’s not yet certain whether Virgin will continue to use the technology once the trial finishes, or if it’s just a strategic piece of marketing from Sony and Virgin.

Let us know in the comments whether you think this is the future of wearable technology in the workplace, or is it just a clever PR stunt?

SOURCE: Virgin Atlantic Media Centre