Visor App Lets You See What’s Happening Anywhere in the World


Visor is a new app that lets users see what’s happening anywhere in the world. Simply make a request, and Visor will push it to nearby users. Want to know how long the line is at Starbucks? Ask Visor. Need to know if Macy’s is still running a sale? Visor it.

Nearby users take photos of the world around them to fulfill other user requests. Photos appear on a map for other people to see, and if you make a request, you’ll get a notification that another user has fulfilled it. Thus far, the company has raised $500,000 for the app. And while photos haven’t been monetized yet, it’s not farfetched to assume that companies may pay to send photos to interested users in the future.

Visor founder Jason White sees the app as the start of a “micro-tasks market”. White calls the app Streetview 2.0, but instead of relying on Google’s streetcars, Visor lets you see what’s going on in real-time anywhere in the world. White says he’s doubtful anyone will pay for photos of ordinary things, like the deli case at Whole Foods, for example. But in the future, users may just tack on a request to the photos, like “pick me up a sandwich,” which could launch a whole new set of businesses that offer on-demand services.


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