VLC media player just got even more awesome


VideoLan have released a major update to the world’s most popular open source media player.

The new update to VLC Media Player (Version 2.2.0) is the first time the non-profit organisation has rolled out a coordinated update of this scale across multiple platforms.

The update also marks the first non-beta release on Android and the first time the media player has officially been made available on various mobile platforms.

In addition to the regular PC version of VLC, the media player is now also available on Android, Android TV, Windows RT and Windows Phone. It is also makes a much welcomed return to iOS, having been unavailable to users following the release of iOS 8.

Other improvements which have been made to VLC Version 2.2.0 include the ability to automatically rotate vertical videos taken on smartphones or tablets. Users are now also able to resume playback on a video they were watching previously.

The new update also offers improved support of MP4, WMV and Ogg, as well as beta support for interactive BluRay menus.

According to the team at VideoLan the update is the result of more than a year of volunteer work in order to fix over 1,000 bugs and improve the scope of different supported formats.

The popularity of the VLC media player is partly due to the fact that it is open source meaning it is free to anyone who wants to use it. It is also very versatile and able to play a wide variety of different file formats. The latest update further adds to VLC’s versatility and with it now being available across multiple platforms, its popularity is likely to only increase further.

Download VLC media player:

VLC media player 2.2.0

VLC for iOS 2.4.1

VLC for Android 1.1.0

VLC for Windows Phone 1.1.0 Beta


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  1. Howards_cat_Tarzan on

    Any H265 support. (I have been using VLC 3 beta because it have H265 support. Love being able to encode my stuff at 1/4 space than H264)