VPNhub: This new free VPN comes from an unlikely source


In a bid to boost privacy and online security, adult site Pornhub has launched its own free virtual private network or VPN called VPNhub.

A VPN provides users with a secure and encrypted connection that helps to not only protect their personal information and privacy but also allows them to browse the internet and access websites without restrictions.

Speaking at the launch of VPNhub, Corey Price, VP of Pornhub said: “Today, the Internet is rife with hackers, who are growing in number and sophistication, compromising people’s sensitive data.

“While browsing in incognito may keep users’ browsing history secret, truth is they’re still susceptible to prying eyes, especially when browsing on unsecured public Wi-Fi networks.

“Here at Pornhub, with 90 million visitors a day, the vast majority of whom are using devices on the go, it’s especially important that we continue to ensure the privacy of our users and maintain their confidentiality.

“With the launch of VPNhub, users will have access to the world’s fastest VPN, with over 1000 servers in 15+ countries from which to choose.

“Now, whether they are perusing the Internet while traveling or from an untrusted network, they can do so without worry.”

Some of the features of VPNhub include unlimited bandwidth, an incognito mode and a promise from Pornhub that it doesn’t log any user or activity data, meaning that your privacy is ensured.

To browse the internet without local or geographical restrictions you can download the VPN for free from the VPNhub website.

The free version sets your server location to the United States.

To access a server from other locations you need to sign up to the premium version which starts at THB419 per month or THB2,300 per year.

VPNhub says the premium version is ad free, offers more locations and faster servers.


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