Vurb Takes on Google in Mobile Search


Vurb launched today with the hopes of taking on Google in mobile search. The company has received a lot of praise during Disrupt and already received $10 million in funding.

Vurb is a mobile search engine that works differently than Google Search. Instead of displaying lists, the app creates cards to help users get started.

Working with partnered apps, the search engine will pull information from Yelp, Uber, Google Maps and several other entities and create contextual suggestions onto cards. These cards are then able to be shared or saved. Users can think of the search engine as a centralized hub that pulls together partner app information like never before.

Taking on Google is a brave move, states experts, but not unfounded. Google was created for PC users and doesn’t provide the slick, easy-to-use feel that Vurb or other apps can provide. The trend is new in the United States, but in China, apps like Vurb have already been a success.

Vurb aggregates information from all partner apps so that there is no clutter or clumsy switching between apps. Bundling multiple services into one is something that WeChat has shown to be a very big success.

Multi-purpose apps are the future of search, states many experts. The company had plans to create a web-based mobile search, yet plans were dropped as the company found aggregating results to be a more fluid approach.

Searchers will still rely on Google for most of their needs. Currently, Vurb has support for a select few areas: Places, Movies and Television, Video and Music. The company plans to incorporate shopping and events shortly. Places will include everything from restaurants to stores and landmarks.

Vurb is a new way of searching. Users can search their favorite movie and will have a card generated with show times, reviews and more. Once users click on a movie theater, they will be presented with restaurants nearby and other activities in the area.

Download Vurb on iOS and Android.


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