All I want for Christmas is….a Nintendo Wii U


Yes, you read that right.  Forget the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One I am hoping to have a Nintendo Wii U under the Christmas tree this year and I am looking forward to this more than any other console with perhaps the Sega Dreamcast being the exception as that is still my favourite ever console.

But why the Nintendo Wii U?

The answer to that is simple.


For those who have played on the Wii you already know what Nintendo bring to the table when it comes to quality of games and innovative hardware (who would think using our hands to play games instead of controllers would take off?).

But as you also already know the Wii U has been nothing short of a failure for Nintendo as well due to underpowered specs compared to its rivals and the lack of support from major third party publishers (this means you EA) so that has left Nintendo themselves and a few other third party publishers to carry the console game line-up and so far only Nintendo are pulling their weight.

Nintendo know how to get the most out of their console better than anyone, which is to be expected and playing delights such as Mario Kart 8 and the new Super Smash Bros. shows that Nintendo not only know how to make games that are fun but they know how to make games that appeal to all members of the family so, with the Wii U you no longer need to hide alone in your bedroom, this is a console you can bring and place proudly in your living room for everyone to have a go on.

Nintendo Wii U full range of accessories

Here’s the full range of accessories available with the Wii U

With the majority of console owners complaining and fighting over the frame rate or resolution of games on the PS4 or the Xbox One the Wii U plays games in glorious 60fps in high definition and you simply have to show this to a PS4 or Xbox One owner to see their jaws drop at just how good the Wii U can look and then you get the usual excuse that they still won’t buy one because it does not have GTA or FIFA or Halo.

The GTA franchise is an epic slice of gaming but it is not what Nintendo wants for the Wii U.

Rumours were once abound that Rockstar had managed to get a version of GTA working on the Wii U but they scrapped it at the last minute as they were not happy with it and then decided to just drop support for the Wii U completely – well, at least they tried.

Ubi Soft on the other hand support the Wii U with games like Dance Central but the recently released Wii U version of Watch Dogs was sadly a no show as it showed that Ubi Soft really had stopped caring about the Wii U even though ZombiU showed so much promise as a classic survival horror game with a twist (the twist being that it was playable online and when you died you respawned as another characters trying to survive and you could then try to go back and collect your dropped weapons before someone else got their first), this is still somewhat unique.

And who can forget the Wii U controller.

This is truly unique.

Nintendo revolutionized gaming with the Wii U and its controller and the Wii U controller is the next iteration allowing you to use the screen in innovative ways depending on the game and situation and you can even, in some games, transfer the game from the TV to the controller itself so that someone else can watch TV whilst you continue playing on the controller itself.

Take a closer look at the Nintendo Wii U trailer:

Nintendo were doing this long before Sony and Microsoft were on the scene.  Nintendo also have a very rich gaming heritage to draw on for ideas but many are saying that this limits the Wii U due to only Nintendo being the main company providing Wii U games (Bayonetta 2 says hi!) and so people are afraid that the likes of Mario and Zelda will get used as much as poor Sonic the Hedgehog by Sega which means the character loses its value and the games become more and more diluted just to make sales.

And you cannot deny the future is looking bleak for the Wii U and again, this is a rumour, but apparently Nintendo are working on a successor to the Wii U but it may be too late for Nintendo to claw back their reputation that they once had and convince the likes of EA to come back onboard and put FIFA and Madden on the next Nintendo console.

But for me the reason I want a Wii U this Christmas is because Christmas is about being with family and there is no better console at this time of the year than the Wii U.

Get the whole family around the TV, fire up Nintendo Land and watch as even the most challenged gamer is quick to master the Wii U and games on offer.  Or turn on Mario Kart 8 with four friends or Super Smash Bros. with 8 players and Gamecube controllers and you will soon understand why all I want for Christmas is a Wii U.


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