Want lightning fast web browsing? Try the new FireFox Quantum browser


Super fast web browsing is finally here.

Mozilla has launched the next version of its FireFox web browser.

Dubbed Quantum, Mozilla says it will bring a massive and noticeable speed boost to users and is twice as fast as previous FireFox versions.

The increase in speed is possible because the new browser uses multi core processing to help optimise speed, whereas historically it had used just one CPU meaning it could only complete one task at a time.

FireFox Quantum

“Firefox Quantum is such a big leap forward that you’ll feel it instantly, just browsing your favorite websites,” Nick Nguyen, product strategist at Mozilla wrote in a blog post.

Nguyen said that “in many instances” FireFox Quantum should be speedier than Chrome.

Quantum “takes advantage of multiple CPU cores in today’s desktop and mobile devices much more effectively,” Nguyen added.

“This improved utilization of your computer’s hardware makes Firefox Quantum dramatically faster,” he wrote.

As well as speed improvements Quantum prioritises the tab you are working over other tabs running in the background, which helps to cut RAM usage by 30 percent.

It also integrates with popular bookmarking app Pocket, which Mozilla acquired last year.

A beta version of FireFox Quantum is available to download on desktop, Android and iOS from the Mozilla website.

If you’re already running FireFox, you’ll automatically be updated on November 14th when the full version officially launches.

In its blog post, Mozilla also released a benchmarking video where it compares FireFox Quantum to Chrome.


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