If you want lightning fast web browsing, you will soon be switching from Chrome to Firefox


Google Chrome is the world’s most popular web browser, despite it being known as somewhat of a resource hog.

The Google powered browser accounts for around 60 percent of the market share, with its closest rival Internet Explorer (yes, people still use it) having around 17 percent of the market.

But while Chrome continues to remain popular, results of a speed test carried out by developers at rival Mozilla may convince you that it is to make the switch.

Mozilla developer Dietrich Ayala has posted result results of speed tests carried out on various versions of Firefox on his website – and the results may really surprise you.

Ayala explained how he ran the tests between the different Firefox versions to see which was best at opening lots of tabs. And by lots we’re talking a whopping 1,691 tabs!


Ayala found that the current version of Firefox (54) had a rather sluggish start and took over 4 minutes, and 2GB of system memory, to open all the tabs.

The previous version of Firefox (51) took over 8 minutes to open all the tabs.

However, the newest version, Firefox 55, which is still in beta, showed a staggering improvement, managing to open all the tabs in just 15 SECONDS and used only 0.5GB of system memory.

The massive improvement is the result of the ‘quantum flow’ project, where Firefox engineers are working to try and optimise the web browser and improve its responsiveness – with a great deal of success it would seem.

If the full version of Firefox 55 can match the results of the speed test then Chrome could at last have a more than capable rival.

Who wouldn’t want to be able to browser with that kind of speed and capability, while only placing minimum demand on the resources of your PC!


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