You have been warned! Here are the things you should NEVER Google


More often than not, Google can be a great help in finding out information on just about anything.

But the world’s most popular search engine is also the gateway to the deepest darkest things of the internet.

And some of this stuff you could happen upon quite by chance.

A typo, a spelling mistake or simply searching for something you thought was innocent could actually land you in a world of unwanted depravity.

Inspired by a thread on Reddit, which we aren’t linking too as it is just too NSFW, here are some things you should never, ever search for on Google.

We’re not joking here, once you see this stuff, that’s it, it’s etched in your mind forever. There’s no un-seeing it.

You have been warned.

Blue waffle

Waffles for breakfast? That’ll be a nice surprise for the kids.

What sounds like a tasty breakfast snack is actually something much more disgusting.

It turns out blue waffle is actually related to some form of sexually transmitted disease and searching Google for it will almost certainly make you lose your appetite.


Krokodil is the street name of Desomorphine, a powerful illegally produced opioid that is used as a substitute for heroin in eastern Europe.

Known as the flesh-eating drug, one of its side effects is its ability to “cook” the skin, causing large scar tissue and damage to the area of the skin where it has been injected. It is far from pleasant.


If you are a basketball fan there could be an occasion where you may want to search for Orlando Magic player Evan Fournier.

But whatever you do don’t just search for “Fournier” – that’s a flesh eating disease and the images on Google are about as graphic as you’re going to see.

Mr Hands


Image: Wikipedia

This might sound like a character out of a children’s TV show, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Mr Hands was the alias used by Kenneth Pinyan who died after doing some unspeakable things with a horse in 2005. Even stranger, since his death Kenneth or Mr Hands has built up a cult following online. But don’t Google him or Mr Hands, it’s just too weird, and actually quite tragic.

Calculus bridge

No, this isn’t some really difficult maths problem. It’s actually a severe and dangerous build up of tartar that forms on the gum line, and it’s not something you want to see nor read about.

So unless you are in the dental profession, avoid searching for calculus bridge.

Lemon party


Sounds great – especially if you like lemons. However, lemon party is a term given to a form of explicit videos involving three elderly men.


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