WARNING: Avast users should wait before installing the Windows 10 April update


If you are a Windows 10 user you may want to wait a while before downloading the new April update.

A new bug discovered in the latest update to Microsoft’s popular operating system is locking users out of their computers.

Scores of users who have reported the problem on the Microsoft Support Forum say the issue occurred as soon as they installed the new update.

Once the new update had been installed, users were presented with a blank screen along with a message that said their desktop could not be found.

However, the problem may not be the fault of Microsoft.

According to Computer Cellar, an IT services firm who took to Reddit to answer questions from concerned users, a common thread with the problem was that those affected were all running Avast antivirus.

Computer Caller recommended users running Avast uninstall the software before downloading the new Windows 10 April update.

However, if you use Avast the best course of action is probably to delay installing the April update until Microsoft rolls out a fix.

According to tech site The Register, Microsoft is aware of the issue and is working on a solution.

Meanwhile, Avast has said that it found nothing to suggest its software was responsible for the issue.

A statement given to The Register read:

“We have tested this and couldn’t identify any problems affecting Avast Antivirus consumer users specifically. Online user comments show that many are unfortunately experiencing problems updating to Windows 10 ‘1803’. We cannot rule out that a small number of Avast users may be having difficulties updating, too, but we don’t see any indications that this is caused by Avast.”

The rollout of the Windows 10 April update has been problematic for some users.

Last week, Microsoft has to roll out an urgent fix after the update was found to be affecting its own Surface devices, resulting in Chrome and Cortana freezing whenever they were in use.
We’ve also experienced problems with a PC in the office when installing the new April update.

After trying to install the update, the affected PC is sent into a reboot loop where it asks to confirm the language of the keyboard.

Roll backs to previous versions also fail, meaning we’re stuck with a PC that can not complete the update.

The affected PC was also running Avast.


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