WARNING: ‘CrashSafari’ link being shared online will kill your iPhone


A link is being widely shared on Twitter that can potentially cause havoc to your iPhone.

www.crashsafari.com forces iPhones and iPads to restart by crashing the device’s browser.

When users click on the link they are presented with a message that reads “what were you expecting?”

CrashSafari works by overloading Apple’s Safari web browser causing the device to reboot as it is unable to handle the ever growing requests the prank code executes on the device.

Reports from earlier today suggested the link was also affecting Android and Windows devices.

Tech site Wired reports that CrashSafari was created by Matthew Bryant, 22, who created the prank code after discovering a bug as part of a test into application security.

Whilst not malicious, CrashSafari is incredibly annoying!

Yesterday the link had been shared so many times on Twitter that the social network was forced to release a statement warning users of the hack.

The problem for users is that the link is being shared via various URL shorteners so it is not always obvious for users if they are clicking on the prank link.

One URL shortener containing the link was shown to be clicked on more than one hundred thousand times.

What caught most people out is that the link being shared claimed to be something that would trick people into clicking on it. One Tweet claimed to be a live stream to the new Kanye West album, whilst other Tweets claimed to reveal something amazing or disgusting if the user clicked on the link.

Apple is said be to working on a fix which in order to prevent similar exploits.


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