WARNING: Dangerous new ransomware targeting Skype users


Skype users are being warned about a dangerous new ransomware campaign.

During the past two weeks there has been a surge in users of Skype being hit by ransomware on their Windows 10 devices.

The ransomware targets users through a corrupted advertising campaign. Unsuspecting victims who then click on one of the ads face having their Skype accounts compromised and malware installed on their computer.

The ransomware attack first came to light after scores of users took to Reddit to complain about the malware.

Skype Ransomware

Image: Reddit

The malicious adverts prompt users to download updates to Adobe Flash Player, which has a history of being used by cyber criminals to spread viruses or launch malware attacks.

Those affected by the ransomware warned others that downloading the fake update installs a variant of the infamous Locky ransomware.

Locky works by encrypting files and locking users out of their device unless a Bitcoin ransom is paid.

Users said that both the Skype mobile app and desktop version appeared to display the malicious Adobe ads.

Responding to the issue, Microsoft said:

“We’re aware of a social engineering technique that could be used to direct some customers to a malicious website,” the company said.

“We continue to encourage customers to exercise caution when opening unsolicited attachments and links from both known and unknown sources and install and regularly update antivirus software.”


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