WARNING: Don’t close WhatsApp on your iPhone by swiping up – here’s why


Have you tried to close WhatsApp by swiping up on your iPhone? If you have you have probably been met by a strange warning.

Not surprisingly, it appears that many of apple’s loyal followers are not impressed by the problem and have taken to online forums to air their displeasure, claiming that they could miss message notifications.

It seems that the problem originates with the iOS 11 update that is now used to run several Apple products including the new iPhone X.

Like many new OS, iOS 11 has required some patches, four to be precise since its release. However, the latest patch which was released on 31 October has not addressed the notification issue.


Twitter user Grehivin was one of those affected and he contacted Apple in an attempt to find out how to get around the issue.

The response he got from the Cupertino based company on the social media platform was: ‘How are you closing the App?’

Grehivin then posted a video showing that he was using the multitasking screen and swiping up to close WhatsApp.

He was greeted by the error message ‘Swiping to close WhatsApp can prevent you from receiving notifications.’ 

This could mean that you do not receive any notifications when someone sends you a message.

For most apps that are running in the background on iPhones, you simply double-click the Home Button and then swipe right.

WABetaInfo, which covers news related to WhatsApp said the issue will be fixed in an upcoming update.

“WhatsApp is testing a workaround to fix push notifications.

“This is an iOS 11 bug.”


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