WARNING: Facebook glitch is reposting user’s old photos and status updates without permission


Facebook users have been complaining the social network is reposting old photos and status updates, without their permission.

Scores of Facebook users reported their walls had suddenly been filled with random old posts and photos, leaving many to wonder what was going on.

One person posting on the Facebook Community Help page asked: “Last night a series of old pictures I had posted on FB, re-posted and attributed it to me … wasn’t me. Is it possible this was a glitch or error? Or was I hacked?”

The cause of the glitch is so far unknown, although some users had linked it to the recent Facebook update on iOS.

The glitch was first reported by PCMag on Friday, which incidentally was the same day Facebook launched its Year in Review, although the error left many users with a much greater sense of deja vu.

A spokesperson from Facebook later said: “We are aware of this and are investigating.”

Earlier this month, Facebook accidentally declared some of its users dead, including its founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg.

The social network is also involved in the ongoing fake news scandal.

Perhaps Facebook, like many of us, can’t wait for 2016 to come to an end!


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